Grace Bryan
League Owner

What got you into dodgeball?
Jasmine Bentley invited me to join Phoenix Dodgeball in 2014. At first, it was strictly social for me – it was a fun way to get out and meet new people. But in 2017, Jasmine invited me to join her Elite women’s traveling team, Box Cats….and the love for the competitive side has been growing ever since! I love traveling to tournaments now and doing my best to continuously improve. So thank you, Jasmine!

What do you like about dodgeball?
It’s a fun and challenging game with a lot of strategy and teamwork involved. You meet so many interesting people and I have made a lot of great friends. Plus, it’s a great workout without feeling like a workout at all!

What is your dodgeball “resume?”

  • I play on the women’s team, Box Cats, and co-ed team, Heat, for Elite [competitive national circuit]
  • I’ve played in many local and out-of-state tournaments in the past year and a half, but one dear to my heart was the Vegas Invitational where we won with my face was plastered on our team shirts

What sports did you do in high school?
I played basketball and volleyball when I was younger, then switched it up big time. I wrestled and did judo for the remainder of high school.

What is your occupation?
I am involved in some random ventures. Most relevantly to dodgeball, I have partnered with Steve Damon who has a Dodgeball Podcast and we are working on creating a sports brand tailored for dodgeball players: Ballistae Gear. We have a lot of exciting partnerships and products in the works – it’s been incredible!

Why did you want to start Cactus Dodgeball?
With the leadership in NDO and Phoenix Dodgeball retiring this year, Orlando and I wanted to not only keep dodgeball alive but have it thrive in Arizona. So we decided to start Cactus Dodgeball! Both of us travel extensively for dodgeball; in addition to growing the social leagues locally, we want to grow and nurture up-and-coming players who have a desire to play dodgeball competitively. We would love to see more teams coming out of Arizona in the national circuit. With organizations like USA Dodgeball, Ultimate Dodgeball, and Elite Dodgeball leading the way, dodgeball is gaining more and more traction. So in addition to growing dodgeball in Arizona, we want to do everything we can to help grow the sport in any way we can.

When you are not playing dodgeball, what are some of your other interests?
I love doing muay thai and no-gi/grappling at Arizona Combat Sports although I don’t get to train much anymore 🙁 My husband and I love traveling, bowling, watching movies and hanging out with our 3 pugs.