Katie Sanchez
Community Outreach & Recruitment Manager

What got you into dodgeball?
I’ve played sports my whole life. Growing up, my family life revolved around the sports seasons. If I wasn’t going to my own games, I was headed to my brother and sister’s games. After finishing collegiate softball, I was looking for something competitive that could reach that same intensity level. Luckily my teaching colleague Sarah Moravitz invited me to a Phoenix Dodgeball open gym (August 12, 2009). That was all she wrote.

What do you like about dodgeball?
The game of dodgeball appeals to me for quite a few reasons. It combines the offense and defensive strategy of basketball, the speed and teamwork of volleyball, and the skill set of softball. It’s like playing at least three different sports at once. There is also opportunity for a range of experience and skilled players to compete together. Lastly, dodgeball has given me lifelong friendships with people that I may not have met if not for this sport.

Hands down, the coolest thing that’s happened is that I met my husband through dodgeball, Tony Sanchez of Team Mexico. We first met at an 80’s themed birthday party for mutual dodgeball friends. He doesn’t remember us meeting, but he saw how cool we all were and started to hang out with us socially and then started to play.

What is your dodgeball “resume,” including your competitive teams?

  • It’s been 9 years now and I’ve played for DILLIGAF, Landing Strips, and many other inappropriately named dodgeball teams.  
  • Notably, I played with Ball Busters, an all-women team that played women’s division and also in the open division, which is traditionally just men. We went to the NDL Championships in Las Vegas and played both divisions, taking gold in the women’s and defeating several international teams in the open division.
  • Last year I was selected as a member of the USA team to play in the WDBF World Championships in Toronto.
  • I am an alternate for Team USA this year.
  • Most recently, I traveled to Chicago for the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship, where I participated in their first ever women’s division. For the competitive Elite circuit, I play with Invasion (women) and Arizona Alliance (real f***ing juicy).

What other sports have you played?
In high school I played softball, golf, volleyball, basketball, track & field, and in college I played softball at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

What is your occupation?
I teach high school math and coach JV girl’s basketball at my alma mater, Tempe High.

Why did you want to be involved in Cactus Dodgeball?
I’m excited to be a part of Cactus Dodgeball. I think dodgeball has so much potential for growth. I’m particularly interested in recruiting new players and teaching them the skills and knowledge to be successful. The friendships formed and the spirit of competition are unique to this sport and I want people to see and experience what I’ve seen and experienced in dodgeball.

When you are not playing dodgeball, what are some of your other interests?
During the summers I like paddleboarding the Salt River, and during the cooler months I like hiking. If I’m not outside doing those things, or at the gym playing dodgeball, I’m at home hanging out with our two dogs, Rally and Roscoe, and watching Bravo.