Orlando (Hooch) Huicochea
League Owner

What got you into dodgeball?
I initially learned of dodgeball on Meetup 3 years ago and decided to go check it out. I loved it from the first time I played.

What do you like about dodgeball?
There is so much that I like about dodgeball, but the two main things are the friendships that I’ve made and the competitiveness of the sport. In my short time playing, I’ve made so many friends. Seeing so many people come together to play is just amazing too. Also, I am very competitive by nature, so dodgeball really satisfies that urge.

What is your dodgeball “resume?”

  • I’ve played in NDO and Phoenix Dodgeball’s social leagues since 2016
  • Team Mexico 2016, 2017, and hopefully 2018
  • Team Mexico Men’s Selection Committee 2017 and 2018
  • Las Vegas Sin City 2018
  • LA Classic 2018
  • Dodgeball Tribune 2018
  • Elite Dodgeball – for Open division: Grit, for Co-Ed division: Alliance (real f***ing juicy)

What sports did you do in high school?
I actually didn’t do any sports in high school. I was pretty boring then.

What is your occupation?
I am a mechanic for the Arizona National Guard as well as a Sergeant in the military.

Why did you want to start Cactus Dodgeball?
Being involved in NDO, I saw that the end was near. Phoenix Dodgeball was also going through some changes as well, and I was worried about the future of the sport in Arizona. I knew I needed to do something to keep this awesome sport going and that’s when I turned to Grace. I knew Grace had the same love for the sport as I did, so I knew we could turn things around in Arizona and help the sport grow. Ultimately, my goal is to have a big enough Arizona presence at tournaments and make the Valley of the Sun a place where teams travel to, to play.

When you are not playing dodgeball, what are some of your other interests?
When I’m not on the court you can find me out camping, backpacking, or on the hunt for a great craft beer.