Tony Sanchez
Head Referee and Rules Specialist

Tony will be vetting and managing qualified referees for league nights and tournaments. He is also involved in outreach efforts alongside his wife, Katie Sanchez.

What got you into dodgeball?
I started playing dodgeball back in 2010. Carlos Sierra and Eric Van Epps talked me into going to an 8.5 open gym and it was love at first sight, I was immediately hooked.

What do you like about dodgeball?
There is just the right amount of competitiveness to the sport to keep you wanting to come back, but unlike a lot of other sports I’ve played, you go out afterwards and have a good time with the same players you just played against. It’s one big, happy community of players that are all willing to give it their all, yet are still looking to have a good time. I have truly made some great friends and even met my amazing wife through dodgeball.

What is your dodgeball “resume,” including your traveling competitive teams?

  • I first started out playing 8.5 and only that for probably my first five years of playing.
  • I was playing in two leagues a week and jumped on any team that would have me for the first couple years for any of the big tournaments like the Grand Canyon State Games and NDL. I eventually became a part of Arizona Alliance in 2012 and placed 2nd at the Grand Canyon State Games that same year.
  • Alliance also finished 4th in the nation back in 2014 at the NDL nationals. Alliance still has a coed team that I now co-captain for the Elite tournaments.
  • For Elite Dodgeball [current competitive national dodgeball circuit], I play for Arsenal for open and we have placed 3rd once and 4th twice out of all the west coast teams.
  • I started playing foam the beginning of 2017; I made Team Mexico despite only playing foam a few times before the tryouts and I am a part of the team again this year.
  • I became the commissioner of Phoenix Dodgeball in 2014 and put a lot of time and sweat into keeping the league alive; I ran the league for about three years. During that time, I incorporated no-sting into the mix which ended up becoming the one and only ball used by Phoenix Dodgeball. I eventually stepped away from the league and handed it over to an excited group of people.
  • After that, I started playing foam in the NDO league and did what I could to help management out and eventually became a small part of the crew for that league until it decided to call it quits.

What other sports have you played?
I’ve always been into sports; I’ve played baseball since I was 6 or 7 years old and went on to play in high school, where we won the state championship in 1999.  I also played a year of football, but due to my 135 pound frame at the time, I painfully realized football wasn’t for me.

Why did you want to be involved in Cactus Dodgeball?
I decided to be a part of the Cactus Dodgeball Committee because I know how hard it is to keep a dodgeball league successful. The other members in the Cactus Committee are all very excited. They have a lot of ambition and foresight as to where they see the league in the future; it is already more organized than anything I have been a part of. I love this sport too much to just sit back and hope it makes it, I want to put in my share of effort to make sure personally I am doing all I can to make it not only successful but fun for all the players that put their trust in us.

When you are not playing dodgeball, what are some of your other interests?
If you’ve ever wondered why I’m not on the courts on Thursday’s, its because I’m playing softball and do so as much as possible. I was playing 5 nights a week at one point of my life, and dodgeball the other 2 nights. When I’m not out too late playing sports, I spend quality time with Katie and my doggies, watching 30 Rock again or whatever else we can find that can make us laugh on Netflix. When it is too late, or she would rather watch Bravo, I play PS4 (PSN gamertag ImAStud).