Join us for a fun day of wizarding and dodgeball!


Christmas at Hogwarts Dodgeball Tournament
Sat, Dec 11 9am – 6pm
Afterparty at Boulders on Southern

First United Methodist Church in Mesa
(Family Life Center Gym behind church)
15 E 1st Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210


Livestream Facebook Team Draw on Tue, Nov 30, 930pm after open gym


  • Random Draw
  • You can request to pair with someone, just make sure it’s not someone who would be in the same tier as you
  • Harry Potter snacks and pizza provided at tournament
  • Round Robin + Tournament + Afterparty
  • HP Great Hall Photo Backdrop + House Robes


  • 6 no-sting balls, with one gold foam ball (snitch) in the center that is open to both teams on the opening rush
  • Just like in Quidditch, if the foam ball (snitch) is caught, it ends the game. The team that catches it wins that game
  • If you get hit by the foam ball (snitch) in any capacity (disarm, caught, hit, failed block holding the snitch), you must go out and sit in the taped “AZKABAN” box on the side. You cannot regenerate for the rest of that game.
    • A team can only use this ability ONCE during the entirety of round robin
    • You can summon Voldemort by having your team altogether say, “Avada Kedavra”
    • Upon summoning, Voldemort will come onto your team’s side and have 30 seconds to play for you
    • Voldemort cannot be hit out. 
    • If you catch Voldemort’s no-sting ball, your entire team comes in. If you catch Voldemort’s foam ball, the game ends and your team wins.
    • At the end of 30 seconds, Voldemort will step off the court


There will be a section to submit your vaccination card on the registration form. Due to venue requirements and for the safety of our players:

  • Please submit a picture of your vaccination card. If you are a Cactus player that has shown your vaccination card already, no need to submit your vaccination card.
  • If you are unvaccinated, here are the requirements:
    • At registration on the day of the tournament, please present a negative COVID test within three days of the event
    • If you are unable to provide a negative test, unvaccinated players must wear a mask

Questions? Email us at

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR BREAK: No open gym on Dec 21 or Dec 28 - we will resume Jan 4!