Sat, December 1, 2018

Arizona State University – Sun Devil Fitness Complex
400 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, Arizona 85287


Wed, 11/28
7pm: Teams will be drawn on a live-stream on our Facebook page

Sat, 12/1
9:30 am: Player check-in
10:30 am: Round robin, 1-point for every game won
12:30 pm: Break
1:00 pm: Double elimination bracket, best of series.
6:00 pm: Afterparty at Four Peaks Brewing (8th St) in Tempe

Four Peaks is sponsoring our first wave of pitchers and we will have appetizers! Cash prize and medals will be awarded to the winning team right after the tournament! In addition, top performing players will be recognized with special awards.

Four Peaks Brewing Company
1340 E 8th St #104
Tempe, AZ 85281

• Free parking at the structure west of the gymnasium: https://goo.gl/maps/CmeEzQYmEnG2

If you have any questions, please email info@cactusdodgeball.com or message us on Facebook!

Aaron McCormack
Alex Ramirez
Allan Stott
Allison Januszewski
Andrew Fortner
Andrew Isban
Andrew Ketchum
April Rybacki
Ashtar Goldreich
Basem Jabar
Braiden Aneshansley
Brett Baxter
Caitlyn Delgado
Cameron Parkey
Caryn Evans
Chad Landrum
Christian Brown
Christina Reeves
Cody Lewis
Conray Josaint
Daniel Dominguez
Daniel Ronk
David Nuzzo
Dawn Galloway
David Dominguez
Dylan Cook
Dylan Neuman
Ebriel Dominguez
Emily Kudron
Emmanuel Dominguez
Eric Nolan
Fernando Rochel
Gaihj Young
Garrett Schander
GCSG – Gavin Agen
GCSG – Joey
GCSG – Jordan
GCSG – Jordon
GCSG – Xavier
Grace Bryan
Hannah Bentley
Israel Bentley
Jameson White
Jordan Marmaro
Jared Tipton
Jazmine Guzman
Joe DeFuria
Joseph Colella
Kate Murphy
Katie Sanchez
Kenny Yanga
Keri Lamparelli
Kiersten Bell
Kramer Lindell
Kyle Dulin
Kylle Butters
Lacey Knowles
Malia Smith
Mark Williamson
Manny Villareal
Megan Kirschner
Merle Key
Rene Ochoa
Renee Fourie
Robbie Weber
Robert Navarro
Robert Walsmann
Sean Kelly
Shammy Benjamin
Shawn Corsetti
Steven Billings
Stephanie Dominguez
Suniko Morales
Tina Aramburu
Thomas Seals
Tony Garvey
Tony Sanchez
Tory Thompson
Travis Courtney
Trevor Reeves
Tristan Peigne
Zach Russey