Tuesday Foam Dodgeball – April 7 Season

Papago School
2013 N 36th St
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Opens February 17, 2020

Bring your own team or sign up as a free agent/pair with a friend!FOR VETERAN TEAMS, please read the rules/salary sheet (http://bit.ly/cactussalary) and email full roster to info@cactusdodgeball.com. We have updated point total requirements to allow for 8-10 player rosters.

FOR CORPORATE OR NEW PLAYER TEAMS, ignore the salary requirements above. We recommend playing in groups of four, that way we can place you with 4 more experienced players and you can learn the ropes during your dodgeball season. But that’s just a recommendation, you’re more than welcome to play altogether!

Week 1: Tue, April 7
Week 2: Tue, April 14
Week 3: Tue, April 21
Week 4: Tue, April 28
Week 5: Tue, May 5
Week 6: Tue, May 12
Week 7: Tue, May 19
Week 8: Tue, May 26
Sat, May 30: Season Tourney 1pm-6pm, then afterparty at The Dirty Drummer